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Aucxis is a leading specialist in business automation.  With 30 years of international experience in designing and implementing tailor-made solutions, we have gained a thorough knowledge of the nature and mechanism of business processes.

Our extensive expertise enables us to offer professional advice and to integrate our clients' ideas and objectives into advanced, user-friendly systems, using the latest technology.



Aucxis offers all-embracing solutions for the automation of auction markets and selling organisations and all their sales related processes – supply, sales, administration, logistics, preservation – including all peripheral processes. Read more …

From electronic auction rooms to online internet sales

Aucxis designs and implements e-trade systems to automate any type of selling method: Dutch auction clock, rising bid, mediation, catalogue sales, tender, … from local sales systems to remote bidding and the linking of auction markets in sales networks. Read more...

Innovative e-trade systems tailor-made to meet our clients’ needs

More than 150 auction markets and selling organisations worldwide use an Aucxis system to sell their products: fish, flowers, fruit, vegetables, livestock, coffee, antiques, etc. Every system is tailor made to meet the specific requirements of each client. Read more …



Aucxis newsflash

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Aucxis wins high-status "Lion of the Export" award 2016

On Wednesday evening June 29, the Flanders Investment & Trade agency, awarded its “Lion of the Export” prize in its 15th edition.  The prize is given to Flemish companies that make outstanding export sales.   Aucxis was awarded first place in the category “Companies up to 50 employees”. Read more ...



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New logo reflects the strengths of Aucxis

In 1903, for the first time ever, a motorised airplane made a controlled flight.  This event took 12 seconds covering a distance of 37 meter.  Later the same day a distance of 800 meter was achieved in approximately 1 minute.  Aviation pioneers Orville and Wilbur Wright had made their dream come true!  Click here to read how Aucxis and the Wright brothers are related!

DounanFlowers auctionroom

Electronic auction system for Dounan Flowers en Chine

Dounan Flowers E-Trade Center (DFETC) in Kunming choose Aucxis to supply a complete computerised auction room.  The selling principle is identical to the concept used by European auction markets: the Dutch auction. The project was officially launched on December 24, 2015. Read more ...


Aucxis and APC introduce Moby-Clock in China

On September 25, 2015, APC - Advanced Produce Centre Development signed a contract with Aucxis to supply a mobile auction clock at the Jiaxing Fruit and Vegetable Centre in Jiangsu province of China.  For this particular project, the Moby-Clock sales system, intially developed and commonly used for the sale of fish, will be applied for the sale of fruit and vegatbles.  Read more ...